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Memorial Urns & Funeral Products

Memorial Urns To Fit Your Preference & Budget

Wide Range Of Funeral Merchandise & Memorial Urns

Take a moment to remember the things that made your loved one special. Let their interests, hobbies and unique personality be the foundation for a meaningful and memorable final tribute. At Walker Sanderson Funeral Home, we make available a beautiful array of decorative Personalized Cremation Urns. Choices include Burial, Home Decor, Jewelry, Keepsake, Niche and Scattering. Walker Sanderson has Utah County’s only crematorium.

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Memorial Urns

For a complete selection of our decorative Personalized Cremation Urns, and to purchase Personalized Cremation Urns online, please visit our Cremation website.

Memorial Burial Urnmemorial-urn1

Cultured Marble, Syrocco


Home Decor Urnmemorial-urn2

Etienne, Butterfly Cloissone


Jewelry Urnmemorial-urn3

Fancy Heart Necklace


Keepsake Urnmemorial-urn4

Sand Shell


Niche Urnmemorial-urn5

Artisan Auburn Brass


Scattering Urnmemorial-urn6

Autumn Leaves, Handmade Paper Biodegradable


Memorial Burial Urnmemorial-urn7

Brass Starlite, Blue Lineas


Home Decor Urnmemorial-urn8

Dance of Life, Wood Finish Resin


Jewelry Urnmemorial-urn9

Sculptured Ring



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