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Funeral Pre-Planning Services

Offering Funeral Pre-Planning Services For Residents in Salt Lake & Utah County  

Funeral Pre-Planning Services Will Relieve Your Family of Having to Make Stressful Financial Decisions

We all plan ahead for the landmark events in our life — from college and weddings to vacations and birthdays to moving and retirement. Planning in advance for your own funeral makes sense. Funeral Pre-Planning will allow you take the burden of your funeral arrangements away from your loved ones. Start planning for this important event today. 

Here are some sound reasons to plan in advance:

  • Decisions made together are better than decisions made separately
  • Ensures your wishes are fulfilled
  • Gives you and your loved ones peace of mind
  • Minimizes family disputes and confusion
  • Provides the opportunity to make decisions without time constraints
  • Protects your family from financial burdens and shields your assets
  • Ensures your family won’t have to wonder if they did what you would have wanted
  • Provides vital information needed by the State of Utah

Our knowledgeable and friendly Advance Planning Advisors can quickly and easily walk you through the pre-planning process. When you fund your plan in advance, you’ll ensure your final goodbye will be easier for the people you care about most.  We’ll help you create a plan tailored to fit your needs and budget, under no obligation. Plan ahead today. Call 801-226-3500.

Walker Sanderson Funeral Home’s Personal Planning Guide is an extremely beneficial tool that contains:

  • Vital Statistics - information required for a Utah death certificate
  • Important family and friends to be notified
  • Will information
  • Complete listing of tasks to be done when the time comes
  • Your Life and Legacy section

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